Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ: How do I do things on the site?

    We have a whole section on How to's Click on How To's

FAQ: I entered a listing or story, where is it?

    Once you have saved your listing, event or story, it is placed in the appropriate section in the categories you selected. You can see it there. You can also see it in the following special sections. Note: you must be logged in for this to work. Your user name will appear at the left.

    For Businesses, Services and Organizations you can click on the word Listings on the left and it will show you all of these listings, and allow you to make changes.

    For Classifieds you can click on the word Classifieds on the left and it will show you all of your Classified listings, and allow you to make changes.

    For Calendar Events it depends on how they were entered. If they are part of a calendar, then go to your Listing, and select the calendar from there. If they are not part of a calendar, then you need to find them in the community calendar itself.

    For News Stories go into the news section appropriate for the story.

FAQ: How can police reports be removed?

    We publish any and all police reports that the law enforcement community chooses to send us. Embarrassment is part of the deterrent effect, just as fines and jail time are deterrents. However, our legal system also wisely states that we are innocent until proven guilty because mistakes can be made.

    It is the policy of to remove police reports from our archive if:

    • The accused can show that they were found innocent of the charges or they were dismissed. Usually the court clerk will give you a copy of the dismissal notice or something similar. If the charges were dismissed or you were found innocent, please send a copy of the court clerks filing and we will remove the police report


    • The arresting law enforcement agency makes the request on your behalf to have the press release removed. That being said, law enforcement agencies have no obligation to make that request on your behalf; as arrest information is considered a public record in the state of Vermont. If someone would like to speak with the arresting agency, contact information is usually contained in the press release.

    Requests for removal can be:

    • Faxed to 802-244-1530
    • Emailed to (scan the clerks report)
    • Snailmail to:
      PO Box 239
      Waterbury Center, VT 05677

FAQ: Who is and why is he sending me email?

    Every email message needs to come from some address and in a fit of geekyness, we decided to name our server after both C3PO, the Star Wars communication droid, and the CPU, central processing unit of a computer. Any message that is sent to you from our system will come from this address.

    Please do not reply to any email messages from c3pu, all replies to automated email are not relayed to humans but are gleefully eaten by c3pu and deposited into the bit bucket.

FAQ: What do the filter buttons on the left do?

    When you are searching for Businesses, Organizations and Classifieds, a variety of options will appear on the left side of the screen with filter buttons. You can check the options that are important to you, and then click filter.

    If everything goes away, don't get nervous, there just may not be any french restaurants that have outdoor dining, and an average price of less than $6.

FAQ: What does 'You are trying to add this too soon' mean?

    We put a throttle or time limitation on how often you can post a new item, comment or other free listing to discourage spammers. Spammers write automated programs that make listings or comments promoting enhancement products, fake watches or whatever the scam du'jour is these days. While this does not prevent them from writing these programs, it is an attempt to limit the damage and annoyance that they cause.

    If you run into this limit on one of your hand written submissions to this web site, please wait a couple of extra seconds before submitting it again.

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